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Top 7 Outdoor Furniture Trends In 2016 - Outdoor Furniture Review

Ever had a taste of the comfort and relaxing atmosphere offered by well-designed outdoor furniture? Needless to say, nothing beats being outdoors to eat, relax, or spend time with your family or friends. Not long ago, it was typical to display some folding chairs on your backyard or lawn and kick back. However, the current world`s outdoor furniture have taken exterior style and design to an entirely new level. Everyone is now aiming at creating an outdoor setting that is filled with accessories as well as furniture that can challenge even the most professionally styled interior living spaces. From outdoors bars packed by large fire pits to home theaters, you will almost never realize that you left your house to be outside. Therefore, this write-up is aimed at giving you an insight into the top seven outdoor furniture trends in 2016.


1.Fire elements

The fire element not only offer a practical warmth to the outdoor space, but it also offers a beautiful visual element. Needless to say, it draws both people and activities. Hence, it serves as a great natural focal point. Furthermore, when you add some furniture to act as the fire piece to your patio, deck, or backyard, it automatically serves as the centerpiece of your outdoor space. Just like the organically made fireplaces, the open tables that come with fire pits filling the middle are increasingly popular in outdoor living stores. Nonetheless, there are no rules on how to create the best fire pit for your space as long as it is sized appropriately and makes your outdoor space not only cozy but also welcome. Moreover, fire elements fit minimalist, traditional, and modern design styles alike.

Fire elements NASLOVNA

2.Mixed Materials

It stands to reason that the concept of using mixed materials is aimed at furthering the need to create a custom look. Hence, outdoor furniture that is made of both resin and wood have become increasingly popular. Furthermore, stainless steel, concrete, and teak are some of the unexpected combinations that are meant to deliver extraordinary outdoor collection. This trend of mixing materials helps in creating an outdoor space that is not only welcoming but more casual and less stuffy. Hence, it plays a great role in assisting you to avoid the overly styled appearance that most exterior spaces have. Therefore, if you wish to have a more entertaining and earthy outdoor space, the use of furniture with mixed materials is the best option. Furthermore, it is imperative to note that mixed material outdoor furniture creates a modern feel, looks great, and is easier to maintain and keep clean.

Mixed Materials-w500-h500

3.Rattan and Wicker

It goes without saying that the natural appeal of rattan and wicker is becoming more popular. Furthermore, the current gradual advancements in technology have made the materials more durable, implying that they are bound to withstand the elements for an extended period. Therefore, by combining the elegant and sleek design with durability, be sure to create a perfect contemporary outdoor space. Furthermore, rattan and wicker furniture match beautifully with the typical trend of bringing organic and natural elements into your outdoor space. It is a brilliant way of adding texture to your outdoor living space without the need to add more accessories. Therefore, rattan and wicker are most appropriate for you especially if you like a minimalist appearance.

Rattan and Wicker-w500-h500

4.Simple and clean

The sleek looks of the modern styles accompanied by clean lines in the outdoor furnishings have continued to gain more popularity. Being characterized by the use of metallic or metal finishes, this stylish design features your outdoor room as an exterior of both your interior living as well as furniture styles. Furthermore, it is imperative to note that today`s contemporary design style is not necessarily the often cold, minimalist look associated with most modern furniture. Hence, more focus has been put on what is current concerning daily activities and lifestyles putting more attention on your space and how you can utilize it so as to create a clean and simple outdoor furniture space.

Simple and Clean-w500-h500

5.Vibrant colors

Often, neutrals colors have steadfastly been the base for the outdoor furniture. Needless to say, neutral colors look attractive, blend substantially well outside, and are easy to use in a vast spectrum of décor styles. Therefore, neutrals are still gaining more traction, with gray being arguably the most liked of the neutrals. Nonetheless, the trend now is shifting towards the use of bold colors that liven up your outdoor living space. Adding a few vibrant colors as well as interesting patterns on your outdoor accessories will not only play a great role in creating a custom look but also cost a relatively small amount money. Furthermore, the use of vibrant colors is one of the easiest ways of giving your outdoor living space an appealing look and transform it from boring to elegant. Therefore, if you are a huge color fanatic, this outdoor furniture trend is most appropriate for you.

Vibrant colors-w500-h500

6.Exceptional blending

The list of the top outdoor furniture trends won`t be complete without the mention of seamless blending. The seamless blending of indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories is not a new idea. However, it is gaining more traction and is becoming increasingly popular among many homeowners across the globe today. Many people now intend to blend their indoor and outdoor living spaces together. Hence, you are bound to see many yards, patios, and decks with furniture, designs, styling, and other elements that exceptionally blend the ones in the interior living area. To achieve a seamless blending of both indoor and outdoor furniture, it is imperative to choose materials and colors for your outdoor accessories and furniture that are the same as the ones found in your interior decorative elements and furniture. Look into the colors that work well together along with design schemes and themes that will offer a consistent and smooth progression from your outdoor area to your indoor space.

Exceptional blending-w500-h500

7.Conversational seating

Nothing offers ultimate comfort and relaxation in outdoor furniture more than a “let`s chat” design that is convenient for a chat group. Conversational seating is one of the greatest that is aimed at elevating all the elements of your outdoor living space, including lighting, dining, and shade. Furthermore, it offers a very flexible setting, whether it is a small or large group, its high design flow can comfortably accommodate the whole group. You can choose to assemble a chat group with either a collection or combination of different pieces that creates a more unique and diverse look.

Conversational seating-w500-h500