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Outdoor Furniture - Today's Top Colors Trends - Outdoor Furniture Review

Outdoor Furniture – Today’s Top Colors Trends

Having outdoor furniture can be one of the best ways to spruce up the outside of your home. You do so much inside your home to make it as appealing and attractive, but for folks simply driving by your house, they might not have any idea as to how much work you put into sprucing up and decorating the interior of your home. It’s a true shame, as expressing your style and showing it off to people can be one of the greatest joys of owning your own home. Your house is your place to express who you truly are, as it is essentially your very own canvas to showcase your true style who you really are.

1 Top color trends

For a lot of folks, adding that same sense of flare and design has been moved to the outside of their home as well. While keeping a trendy and attractive look inside your home is still important, many people have become quite attracted with the idea of bringing their design flash to their outdoor furniture as well. This might seem a bit peculiar at first, but it’s quickly become a tremendously popular trend over the past couple of years.

By decorating your outdoor furniture in the same way that you decorate the inside of your home, you can bring you unique design flare outside of your home for everyone to see who goes by your hose. This is a truly interesting prospect, and if you’re someone who likes to show off their work to as many people as possible, this could be a great project for you. However, the trends that are currently going on in the world of outdoor furniture are different from what’s popular with indoor furniture. In order to help you understand what’s hot and what’s not, we’ve created a list of the top color trends when it comes to outdoor furniture. Some of these trends might make a lot of sense, and others might seem a bit peculiar. However, no matter your personal thoughts on them, these are currently the hottest trends when it comes to the world of outdoor furniture.

Dark blue rattan with dark blue pillows

The combination of dark blue with both rattan and pillows might seem like something you’d want to avoid, but this color duo has quickly stolen the hearts of many people out there. You can certainly get different shades of dark blue in order to add a bit of variety to this combination of blues, but many people have a great appreciation for it because of the subdued and dark look.

2 Top color trends blue ratan 01-w500-h500

Light grey rattan with light blue pillows

Grey and blue are excellent compliments of one another, and that’s only even more apparent when using light grey rattan with light blue pillows. The lighter shades of color here are definitely a bit more cheery than dark blue for both the rattan and pillows, but there still isn’t anything too flashy that’s a real eye-catcher. These two colors are there more to offer an appealing look to the eye, rather than to try immediate attention to it and nothing else.

3 Top color trends grey ratan 01-w500-h500

Dark brown rattan with dark brown and orange pillows

The use of dark brown with both the rattan and pillows might seem like an idiotic move at first, but the brown color, same as orange, definitely bring up a feeling of the fall and autumn, so this is going to be a combination that’s best used around the months of October and November.

4 Top color trends brown ratan 01-w500-h500

5 Top color trends smedi ratan with orange pillows 01(1)-w500-h500


Beige rattan with light green pillows

Using beige with light green is something entirely different than the brown and orange combo we just looked at, and as a result, this is color that’s best used during a time like the spring. The beige is quite calm, but the light green is the real attention-grabber here. These two colors work quite well with one another, as the beige keeps the light green from being too harsh on the eyes. It’s a very light and appealing color duo, and is almost like a nice palate cleanser.

6 Top color trends beige ratan 01-w500-h500

Black rattan with yellow pillows

Black rattan with yellow pillows is certainly one of the starkest differences in color you’re going to find on this list, but it actually works quite well when put to use. The black is deep and serious, and the yellow is bright and colorful. This is another color that looks great during the fall months, but you could also have a nice appearance of this during the summer or spring if you’d be so inclined.

7 Top color trends black ratan 01-w500-h500