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Outdoor Furniture Covers for Outdoor Furniture's Protection - Outdoor Furniture Review

Outdoor furniture protective covers provide total protection to outdoor tables and chairs of all sizes and shapes.

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Many homeowners feel adamant about buying these protective covers at first. They feel they were just being pressured by the furniture salesman who wanted them to buy more. The exuberant salesman was talking about the importance of outdoor furniture covers for protecting their investment from various weather conditions. Seeing that the furniture pieces looked sturdy and durable, the homeowners usually brushed off the idea of buying such protective covers.

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Once the outdoor tables and chairs are in place in the exterior areas of the home, the homeowners often come into the realization that indeed the protective covers can be found useful. As the day progresses, dust and dirt can settle on the surfaces of the outdoor furniture. Before the homeowners can use their outdoor pieces, they have to scrub the dirt and grime that get stuck into it. Going out to use the outdoor tables and chairs in the patio or porch entails doing the tedious task of brushing and wiping all the dirt away.
As the seasons change, the need is highly evident. During summertime, the dust is the common enemy of the outdoor furniture pieces. But as fall comes in, there’s the piles of leaves that settles upon them. When winter arrives, the outdoor furniture looks helpless out in the open. Even in covered patios or porches, moisture can seep in making the pieces suffer from early destruction. At spring time, the sudden afternoon showers can wreak havoc to the furniture pieces causing them to experience quick deterioration.
Seeing how fast their valuable outdoor investments have succumbed to destruction, the homeowners are turning on a new leaf. They realized the extreme importance of having such protective covers. For a small price they need to pay, there is nothing that can match the convenience and the total protection that the outdoor furniture covers bring into their lives and to the life of their prized outdoor tables and chairs.

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There are a few different things to consider when choosing something suitable for your new outdoor furniture protective covers. Even if you are willing to to haul your furniture indoors during the off season, over time you will notice the life of your furniture declining due to sun damage. Depending on how much sun your furniture receives furniture covers should be used all year round. Making sure you have the right material for your furniture based on your climate is an important step to choosing your new furniture covers.

Before buying a set of covers you should always consider the size of your furniture. Measuring your furniture can be difficult as it contains many angles. Always measure the furniture as if it has four flat sides. Never buy covers that are an exact fit. You will always need a few inches of room on either side of your furniture just in case. Buying covers that are slightly bigger then your furniture will also make taking it on and off a much easier process. If you are going to leave your patio table out during winter months you should also buy a cover for it as well.

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Talking with a store associate or reading the description on each cover will help you determine if the fabric it is made from is suitable for your climate. Some fabrics will crack from extreme cold or heat so finding the right fabric will extend the life of your covers. Should you plan to leave your furniture outdoors during the winter you should always check to make sure the cover fabric can handle this type of weather. Buying fabric which is only heat resistant and exposing it to snow will cause massive damage to your covers.

Drawstring covers will allow you to get a more perfect fit for your furniture cover while also being more resistant to wind. Even in mild climate areas winds can get very strong. Zippers are also sometimes used to secure outdoor furniture covers. While they look nicer then drawstrings, zippers can heat up and damage your furniture over time. They also have a tendency to break or catch on clothing more than drawstrings.

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Outdoor furniture covers, especially the good ones, do not come cheap. This should not be an issue for you though.

You will eventually end up saving more if you buy appropriate covers. Damage to your furniture could lead to even higher repair costs. Sometimes, damages could be irreparable in which case an entire costly set of garden furniture could go down the drain.

There are a couple of options for you to choose from. Some of the covers that may fit your furniture best are those made of vinyl, polymer or canvas. Vinyl is a favorite choice because of its durability. It is however, obviously more costly than plain canvas.

A good cover should be one that can withstand the cold months. This is why some pieces of outdoor furniture can be safely left outdoors even during the winter season. As a general rule though, furniture should ideally be kept indoors especially if they are made of wood.

Aside from durability and strength, there are also other qualities to consider. Outdoor furniture covers should ideally be easy to use. Not all covers are the same in this respect because some come with Velcro straps while others have cloth strings or snaps. They may also differ when it comes to back lining. You should get covers that do not have linings that can scratch furniture surfaces or leave fiber traces.

You can easily buy the right furniture cover. Your first option should be the manufacturer from whom you bought your furniture from. Large companies may manufacture matching accessories such as covers to specifically match the pieces that they produce. This is why looking for covers from these companies first makes a lot of sense.


Although it is a major factor in selection, price and cost should not be the only thing to base your decision on. Your first priority should be to look for a cover material that can best withstand outdoor conditions. You would need a cover that is heat and water resistant. Moreover, your cover should also be able to resist stretching and tearing.